Once again, Rachel Liz Photography has blown me away…she is my go to gal for anytime I need family pics done! I’m so grateful for her friendship and talent. And her hubby is pretty spectacular, too! Check out the video he made for us during our latest shoot with Rach…basically makes my eyes well up […]

Meredith experienced the fun of jumping into a big ol’ pile of crisp fall leaves for the first time today! Carter was happy just chilling on her blanket…this time of year is the best.

Summer is in full swing and my garden is filled with so many gorgeous blooms…I love making arrangements for friends and family and seeing how happy they are to take such beauty home with them! 

How is it possible that I’ve found myself getting maternity photos done AGAIN?! Okay, you don’t need to answer that. I know how it’s possible…but seriously! Time goes by…so fast. Meredith is already almost a year and a half and our newest daughter will be here in just a short month! Many thanks to Rachel […]

I’m sure every first time mom felt this way, but I was so overwhelmed with all the baby “stuff” on the market when we started prepping for our first baby! I had wish lists on so many sites, pinned hundreds of “must have” items on Pinterest, and asked anyone and everyone with a baby what their […]

You may remember seeing this stunner a few weeks back when I posted the most recent press photos for The Blind Spots. A few days after that photoshoot, I got together with Maddy- head honcho of The Blind Spots- and together we crafted this lovely little number for you to enjoy…just in time for the holidays!

Something extra special is in the works but I can only share snippets for now! Enjoy these lovely images of Maddy jamming out on the piano… and check back soon for more, you won’t want to miss it!

Always a pleasure to get some laughs in with this fun and talented crowd of musical gurus. If you don’t know who The Blind Spots are then you need to figure it out!

How is it possible that it’s almost been an entire year? I can still remember being pregnant as if it were yesterday! Meredith is now crawling and cruising all over the place. She loves scrambled eggs and she sleeps all night long!

Oh what I wouldn’t give to have a sister! These girls are just adorable and so sweet. There gorgeous mama Mandy is a friend of mine and she has raised them to be just the perfect amount of sassy and sweet.

The most delicious kind of visual branding for an up-and-coming local baked goods vendor, Kate’s Baked.