Never A Distance

The Book of Mike – 082215

     When I lay here in bed on my back, I tap on the candle lid and look at the fan, thinking about what photos you’re taking and how bright you’re making everyones day. You are such a sunshine for my life and the world around you. I feel my toes curl now and laugh at the thought of you running into the room and leaping on to the bed, laughing.………The dog was barking, I had to go see, she was able to get in the house and now wanders the downstairs. I forgot what the topic was. I wish you were here, so many strange noises all around without you. Soft, is how my heart feels, gentle. Always your hair is everywhere bouncing around on your head, I love it! I never feel a distance, not once have I wanted to be anywhere but in your arms. I traveled the span of time to bring us together and it is Heaven. I love you Whitney Nichols, let us rejoice in the Love, Life, Leadership, Art, Beauty and Family we give the world. My eyes dart up and I see you smile at me, oh it makes my head tingle when you smile at me. Mmmmmm, I know I can do anything with you by my side, with our love. There is no fear my love. We are going to be and are great parents. Our daughter will be fine and you and her will be so Beautiful. Ahh, I get these sharp pains in my gut and I rest for a second and fear death taking me from you. NO! 1646 hrs my love I must get moving for work. I hand wrote to you. Tomorrow we will have five days with no work and all you! Free writing is what I call this. It can flow fast and sting your elbow from all the letter making to form thought to you on paper. You felt so soft this morning. I close my eyes now and think, feel, see you next to me in the moment. I was scared just a bit last night when I was able to make it upstairs and into bed with you before you stirred. I love for you to rest, you need it as does the baby, but you are not a sound sleeper and I feared so briefly you were taken from me. You know my damn job makes death all to real. Anyway, my heart beat so strong when you woke. Each day is one more day I get to love you, my wife. I am the proudest man alive to have been gifted you for this journey ahead. I love you Whitney and I will protect the streets so we can hold hands walking them and kissing too 🙂