My Newborn Wish List

I’m sure every first time mom felt this way, but I was so overwhelmed with all the baby “stuff” on the market when we started prepping for our first baby! I had wish lists on so many sites, pinned hundreds of “must have” items on Pinterest, and asked anyone and everyone with a baby what their “go to” items were. Looking back I can’t help but laugh because so much of it was unnecessary…you really just figure it all out as you go! However, there were a few things that we happened to get that are absolutely making it to my newborn wish list for baby girl #2…she’ll be here in June and, suffice to say, with a toddler roaming around the house now I just don’t have the time (or energy!) to worry about all the new “things” we may need.

I recently ordered some goodies from The Baby Cubby…I so wish I had known about this company when I was pregnant with Meredith. They basically did all the same research and Pinterest stalking I did in those early days, and consolidated the best of the best on their site.

So, for anyone out there prepping for a baby (whether it’s your first or not!), here are some of my favorite tried and true products, along with some newbies that I can’t wait to try with our newest babe!

1.) If you haven’t heard of Little Unicorn, then you’re welcome in advance. This company is amazing! Meredith has this same quilt in the Summer Poppy print and I love the idea of her sister carrying around one of her own.

2.) Como Tomo Bottles– these are the only bottles we ever used with Mer. All the way from her nursing days until her whole milk days! They are amazing and for some reason she just took to it really well and never had any nipple confusion or that sort of nonsense that so many people warned me of!

3.) We used the Bumbleride Flite (I didn’t do much research, just loved the emerald green and considered it sold). However, it ended up being a great little stroller- not quite umbrella but still small enough for all the traveling we did with her. Now we’re in need of something that can handle two little monsters so I would love to get my hands on the Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller.

4.) Wubbanub Pacifier Lovey– this is a bit of an inside joke. Meredith went through three of these babies. And not because she chewed and sucked on it so much that they fell apart…but because the dog did, ha! She only used a pacifier (Meredith, not the dog!) until about 7 months old but she loved this brand from the start.

5.) We used the Miracle Blanket for Mer and it worked wonders (well, we ended up sleeping eventually which seemed like a miracle at the time!) but I’ve heard a ton of great feedback on these particular swaddles and they seem a bit easier to use than the M.B.

6.) Every time I give Meredith a bath, especially now that she is so mobile, I wish we had one of these to protect her little head from the faucet!

7.) One thing we never invested in was a high chair…and I wish so badly that we had one from the start! I didn’t like any of the styles until I came across this sleek design from Stokke. There is an infant insert that makes it baby friendly but then you can also put a toddler in it. And it matches our kitchen colors!

8.) Invest in a diaper bag that you love-I heard this so often from other moms but could never find one that was stylish and practical. This leather beauty from Little Unicorn is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Baby Cubby also price matches with Amazon and like I said before, they basically do all the research for you in terms of whats on the market and worth your $. They aren’t just an online store, in my opinion. They’ve been an amazing resource that I turn to often on social media when I have a random parenting question. It’s a really great community! I hope this list helps other moms-to-be with the never-ending quest of acquiring practical and safe baby gear 🙂

**this is a sponsored post but don’t worry- all opinions are my own!